Sunday, March 23, 2008

Solo Century & Permanent Scouting

On Saturday I rode the northern 3/4 of my 200K permanent route to check on control locations.

I saw Kim on Redwood Road - she was riding with some friends who were wearing Amici Veloci jerseys. I was really surprised to see all those AV jerseys. It was great to chat w Kim for a bit.

I was passed by Fred Rodriguez on Pinehurst Road - it was like I was standing still (er, more like I was moving backwards :p ) He was hard to miss in the Rock Racing kit. He evidently went as far as the summit & turned around, because I got to see him ride by again while I was along the side of the road changing a flat.

Pig Farm Hill was a stinker as usual. For yuks I had the % grade showing on my computer. It went up to 16%. Ugh.

But what I didn't expect was the long climb up Taylor Blvd & Pleasant Hill Blvd into Lafayette - I was definitely not up for a 6-10% grade at that point. Not sure if I can re-route the section from Martinez to Walnut Creek to anything much easier though. (Ed. to add: Thought I could route it thru the Iron Horse Trail but that'll be more trouble than it's worth. Back to Plan A)

I was kind of whupped at about the 85 mile point, so when I reached Danville I stopped at the Starbucks for a bit. Good thing I knew that the rest of the ride was relatively easy, still I didn't really perk up until maybe the last 5 miles or so.

Lee picked me up at Pleasanton Ridge Park, about 4 miles outside of Sunol. I felt pretty good when I finished.

The entire ride took me over 9 1/2 hours, gahh. But I took a bit of time wandering thru Martinez. That's my excuse. Yeah. :p

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