Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fat & Slow

... and doing something about it.

Gahhh. I rode with some friends up Mt. Hamliton on Saturday and I was simply awful. Slow, lethargic, so much so that I couldn't even reach the freakin' summit. Well, to be more precise, I didn't want to reach the freakin' summit. I was tired!

Then I got on the scale the next day. 160 pounds - double gahhhh.

I'm tired of being the last one up the climbs all the time. It's time to do something about it.

I dug out my long distance cycling book and my RBR book and did some web surfing, and it's becoming apparent that I need to build up my strength this winter, especially my leg strength.

So, I'm starting a resistance training program. I came across a nifty site called SparkPeople which has a good exercise database, and together with my books and web searches I set up a training plan that hopefully I can stick to & will show some results. I'm not using any weights at the moment, but maybe at some point I'll incorporate light dumbells.

SparkPeople also has a food tracking function similar to Weight Watchers online. I'm going to use this to keep track of what I eat. Maybe I can get under 150 lbs once and for all -- a girl can hope.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Boo hiss, California!

Keith Olberman said it much better than I - read (or better yet, listen) to what he had to say here

Here's an excerpt:
If you voted for this Proposition or support those who did or the sentiment they expressed, I have some questions, because, truly, I do not understand. Why does this matter to you? What is it to you? In a time of impermanence and fly-by-night relationships, these people over here want the same chance at permanence and happiness that is your option. They don't want to deny you yours. They don't want to take anything away from you. They want what you want — a chance to be a little less alone in the world.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Back home

Lee & I are back home after a week in Massachusetts visiting with family and attending my niece's wedding.

Dang, it's beautiful out there. Too bad they have winter. :^)

My niece Nicole's wedding was lovely. It was held at Jiminy Peak in the Berkshires. The ceremony was a combination of Catholic and Jewish traditions - Nicole's husband Michael is Jewish. I gave a reading (since I'm Nikki's godmother). I'm happy to report I didn't trip on my high heels going up and back from the chuppa.

I was thrilled to finally meet Michael, he's a sweetheart. Best wishes and mazel tov to the couple!

And it was great to be re-acquainted with the family after a long separation. Stay in touch now guys, y'hear???