Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday LeeBob!

To celebrate my sweetie's birthday, LeeBob (aka BottO) & I went up to Folsom for the weekend and had a lovely ride on Saturday along the American River Trail.

Here's Lee waving hi to all his fans on TE :^)


More pics be here

We really enjoyed it up in Folsom back when we accompanied Pansy, Raleighdon, et al. on the Mad March Hair ride, so we thought we'd pay it a return visit.

On Saturday we started out from the Larkspur Landing hotel (great place to stay, btw!) and got right on the trail from an entrance near the hotel and the outlet mall.

We first headed eastward to Beals Point which is the easternmost end of the trail, and where what little climbing there is on the trail is located. The last time I did this part of the trail, 3 or 4 years ago, I had just started riding and I was absolutely dying up that climb. This time around I hardly noticed it. :D

Once we reached Beals Point we turned around and headed west to the other end of the trail, in Sacramento's Old Town area. We wandered Old Town a little, had lunch, and headed back to Folsom. All told it was about 68 miles, and a whoppin' 900 feet of climbing (most of which was heading up to Beals Point).

It was really warm out, especially in the afternoon heading back to Folsom, when temps were in the upper 80's, much higher than I've been used to 'til now. Even though I drank what I thought was lots of water & Cytomax, I probably didn't drink enough, and I felt pretty droopy near the end. Lesson learned. I'll probably break out the camelback on rides this warm in the future, and use Elete electrolyte drops.

It was a beautiful day to celebrate my sweetie's birthday. To top it off we then had a very nice dinner at the Balcony, a little restaurant on Sutter Street in the Folsom historic district. An excellent weekend.

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