Wednesday, September 24, 2008

East Bay 200K

My other permanent route, the East Bay 200K, was approved back in May.

I made a couple of changes to the route over time, the most significant one between Martinez and Lafayette. After Martinez the route now goes back down Alhambra Valley Road then heads southeast on Reliez Valley Road back to Pleasant Hill Rd. RVR is a nice road, infinitely more pleasant than Taylor Blvd, although there is that stinker of a hill just before the end. So it goes. At least it's mostly flat or slightly downhill after that. Sort of.

The major climbs are Calaveras Rd, Palomares Rd, Redwood/Pinehurst/Canyon Rds, Alhambra Valley Rd (Pig Farm Hill) & Reliez Valley Rd, for a total elevation gain of about 7000 ft.

Here's the route on Bikely (click here for the more detailed map):

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