Thursday, July 8, 2010

Won't be long now!

OMG the Death Ride is this weekend.

And, OMG, I am ready and I am psyched!

And so is DoughBoy -- here he is modeling his own purple Team jersey, made specially for the DR.  Stylin', eh?  :)

All DoughBoy has to do is hang from my saddlebag, look perky, and wave a cheery hello to everyone who passes me.  Such a deal.

To start off this grand weekend, LeeBob and I went out for dinner with Nancy (the glorious, infamous Pansy Palmetto) and her hubby Randy.  The Railroad Shrimp at Tahoe Joe's lived up to expectations, yum!  It was great to see Pansy and Randy;  Pansy showed off her svelte figure -- thighs like a teenager's, jeeze! -- and told us about her plans to participate in her 24th consecutive Eppie's Great Race next weekend.  Awesome.

Heading on to Markleeville tomorrow, and then meeting up with the team in Minden NV.  G'nite.

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Joe K said...

Good to see ya gots your mojo back and you be riding longish.

Hugs to da hub.

Maybe get down there next summer for a brevet. Soonish off to South Africa. We do have a guest room if you're in the mood for a or animail..yer choice.

slo joe recumbo