Sunday, November 21, 2010

On hiatus

Hello, you might be wondering what's become of me. 

A lot has happened to me in the weeks before and especially after the Death Ride.  My life has changed some, in many respects for the better.  Make that in most respects. 

Rest assured, Lee and I are fine. 

One offshoot of all this is that I'm just not all that into cycling right now.  I still toodle around a bit, but that's about it.  I read about the epic rides some friends & acquaintances go on and I think "eh, whatever".   Maybe it's just a phase, and I'll be raring to go again at some point.  We'll see.


Red Rider said...

Give me a holler when you're going to be in our 'hood. We'll bike and talk about your real estate needs. Glad you're still riding. (c:

bikegreaseandcoffee said...

Hello Jo, My name is Kurt I built your Lynskey for at the Wheelgirl shop. I thought you may want to know what beacame of the little Bridgestone I got from you guys- Its currently on tour around the planet:

Anonymous said...

Yo JoBob.....this blog needs some serious TLC :o)

Anonymous said...

Yo JoBob,

Just glancing some of the blogs I "listed" at one time. Yikes, last time you posted was 2010.

Still just toodling is good.

jobob said...

Hi Joe - funny, I was just thinking about maybe starting this blog up again. Nice to know I've still got a follower! ;)