Saturday, December 29, 2007

All in all, a very good year!

Well, despite my September thru November hiatus, this turned out to be a very good year. I did 25 metric centuries, 3 imperial centuries and two double metrics. Total for the year so far is about 5,300 miles (about 1000 miles more than I had originally aimed for) and climbing is about 225,000 feet.

And best of all, I'm feeling good again. I did two metrics in the past two weeks.

I DNF'd on a few rides this year - most notably, the Siskiyou metric, and Day 1 of Waves to Wine, both of which were in September when I was feeling like crud. Maybe I could have slogged them out, but first and foremost this has to be fun, and I reserve the right to bail when it isn't being fun anymore. :^)

So, what's the plan for next year ... ?

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