Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yeah baby !

Woo-hoo, as of today I've ridden 5000 miles this year - 5008, to be exact. :^)

It seems I've finally gotten over that weird slump that hit me in early September. I'm gradually building up on my mileage & climbing, and I'm feeling really good. I'm not getting that fatigued feeling that I experienced so often in September. Still, I'm being careful not to overdo it.

In a fit of optimism (hopefully not self-delusion) I signed up for the SFR 200K brevet on Jan. 26. Eh, I have 13 & a half hours to complete it. Lee will be doing the late shift rider check-in so hopefully he won't be too pissed off if I roll in at 8:29 pm.

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