Monday, December 15, 2008

Am I freakin' NUTZ?!? (or, my goal for 2009)

Yes, I suppose I am. :^)

Starting in early February, I'll be training for the Death Ride with Team in Training. Yes, you read it right, The Death Ride. That's what it's called. It's also known as the Tour of the California Alps, but somehow Death Ride seems more apropos. We're talking 15,000 feet of climbing on five passes over 129 miles. At altitude. Booyah.

The structured TnT training program is just what I need. My friend Sarah (aka maillotpois) will be one of the coaches of our group, and I'm really looking forward to working with her. She's wonderfully upbeat and a great motivator.

So, my goal for 2009 is to complete all five freakin' passes of the Death Ride on July 11. Everything else I accomplish, cycling-wise, will be incidental to that.

But of course I'll be sharing all my Adventures in Training here with you, my dear readers!

And just so you know, I'll be hitting up friends, family and other willing parties for donations towards my fundraising goal for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - a very fine organization and an excellent cause. :^)

And what after mid-July?

Crater Lake would be nice ... but, first things first.


spingineer said...

Cool ... so you'll be as nutz as me. That's a great goal. You can kick it off by joining us on my Sierra Road ride ... :)

ming said...

the death ride isnt 15,000 feet of climbing. my garmin registered ~18,000 each time ive done it!

but ill let you in on a little secret, the death ride is hard, but its alot of hype; train accordingly, know and ride within your limits and youll be fine.

3 of the 5 passes are in the in the neighborhood of from the start of climbing after the flats (mile 35) to rim on the crater lake century. one of shorter and steeper and one is just L O N G.

tnt is good stuff

i dont want to link spam, but heres my account of the 2008 death ride

jobob said...

Thanks so much ming!

15,000, 18,000 - eh, it'll be a heckuva challenge no matter what! :o

Nice writeup.

Hey, now I remember you, you're the guy a bunch of us met at Crater Lake who won the bike from Fatty! Wow, you've ridden in some fabulous locations.

See you around! - Jo.

Rosscott said...

Thanks for the link!


Pete aka Taxi777 said...

Wow jo good for you...Now you'll have to do some NorCal rides!