Saturday, January 10, 2009

The best laid plans (and all that rot)

The New Year started off with Big Plans for me to get in the base miles before TnT training started up in early Feb. I was going to ride at least - at least, mind you! - two mornings a week my usual 10-15 mile loop before work, with commutes to work (30 miles RT) as circumstances allowed, and longer rides on the weekend, building back up to 50 miles or so by the end of the month.

So naturally, on Jan 2nd I came down with the Head Cold from Hell. Smiley from
And I haven't done squat for the last week.

I'm finally over it, sort of. We'll see how decrepit(er) I've become on my ride tomorrow.

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ro said...

Better to get it over with now, than in the middle of your training. Now get going and build some cycling momentum!