Saturday, January 31, 2009

TNT kickoff - 160 days to the Death Ride

We had our TNT kickoff meeting this morning at the UC Berkeley campus. I hadn't been on campus for over a dozen years so I got a bit nostalgic as I hunted down a parking place.

The kickoff meeting was interesting and fun, and I got to meet many of the people on our Death Ride team. I've already forgotten most of their names but I'm sure over the ensuing weeks they will be my New Best Friends. Particularly the SAG drivers.

I received some Special Recognition in our DR team break-out meeting for being the second leading fundraiser so far. That annoyingly overachieving sandbagger Laurie was in first place. Grrr. But I got the cool TNT blinkie light while she picked out a mousepad. What a loser, chosing a mousepad over a blinkie light. I mean, really.

Our first team ride is next Saturday in Novato Mill Valley. Until then I'll be practicing my loud & perky "Go Team!"s.

Heh. TNT should take slogan and sekret handshake hints from Amici Veloci.
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Thom said...

Woohoo Jo!

I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures.