Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back on my bike for real ! :)

Free at last !!

So I went to my neurosurgeon yesterday -- Dr. Desmond Erasmus, a really great guy -- and he told me I could finally Lose My Stupid - !@$#^%$! Back Brace and I was free to resume my normal activities!

Yeee - Freakin - Haw !!!!

To commemorate this auspicious occasion, Lee and I went out for a short ride along the Alameda Creek Trail (~ 10 miles, elevation gain about 20 feet ) out to the bay & back. Hey, it's a start. :)

It felt strange being back out on the road on my bike at first, and my coordination felt a bit off, but it felt better as I went along. Where we enter & exit the trail there are very short stretches of gravel path to ride over, which I used to think nothing of, but today I walked those bits. I figure my coordination & confidence will be back soon enough.

It was mighty windy heading out to the bay, naturally, so I took it really easy. Surprisingly enough, despite that I managed a pretty decent clip into the wind. Nice.

Lee told me that all in all I didn't seem to lose too much fitness over my three month-plus layoff (heh, I didn't climb anything though ...).

And the tailwind back was a bonus. Whee!

Well I am jazzed to bits to be back out on my bike.

Not to worry, I'll be building back reeaallly slowly. But at least I'm back!


fc said...

Congrats! Its awesome that you're back on the bike. Take it one turn of the pedals at a time, you'll be back into form in no time.


spingineer said...

Hooray! Welcome back Jo. Good to read about you back on the saddle again. Now you have 1 year before tackling the Death Ride.

MacMadame said...

Hey, that's great. Maybe I'll see you out on that trail.