Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back on the bike (um, sort of ...)

Today was my first ride on the trainer, and my first time on a bike of any sort, since my crash at the end of March. Woo-hoo, I rode it for twelve whole minutes!

It was at a very low intensity, and I maintained a cadence ~70 to 80 rpm. I was able to ride OK in the drops, keeping my back very straight (thanks to the brace).

I figure I'll try to ride on the trainer every day and increase the duration by a few minutes each day. Then when I finally get my stoopid back brace off, my muscles will at least be accustomed to riding again.

I'll still be wearing my brace for perhaps another month, and I don't plan to ride out on the road until I get the brace off. So hopefully I'll be riding for real in late June or early July.

In the meantime, small steps, grasshopper.

I guess this means my training for the 2010 Death Ride has officially begun :)

1 comment:

Sue said...

Glad to hear you are thinking about the DR in 2010! :-D

And I am very glad to hear you are back on the bike. You still have way more 2009 miles than I do!