Monday, January 11, 2010

A good ride with good friends

I went out for a ride on Sunday with Maggie and Laurie, two friends from last years' Death Ride team -- and they're going to be on this years' DR team as well, yay!

Maggie is even my and Laurie's TNT mentor this time around. Poor Maggie, whatever did she do to deserve us? Oh well, sometimes life throws challenges in one's path ...

We did the reverse of the route the Solvang team rode on Saturday, so we got to ride up Pig Farm Hill the easy way. neener.

Gerry joined us for a bit of the ride. He hasn't ridden in quite a while so he kept it to Moraga Way. It was nice to see him!

Speaking of our Esteemed Mentor, seems she's been doing this absurdly strenuous-sounding rowing thing lately. She insisted that she was going to be plodding up the hills on account of some crazy-hard workout she did a few days ago. Right. She no sooner finished whining about how slow she was going to be on the hills (I take that back, she never finished whining), when she took off on Laurie and me on the first climb.

Someone should really clue Maggie in on the role of mentors -- to provide support and encouragement to one's mentees, not leave them in a heap of dust and self-loathing on each freakin' climb. Yeesh!!! :p

Anyhow, when Laurie and I finally caught up to said Esteemed Mentor, we gave her the verbal thrashing she so rightly deserved. Laurie had a good head start on that -- since naturally Laurie was way ahead of me -- so when I finally showed up all I needed to do was say "Yeah, what Monster said". Laurie is so good at verbal abuse, may as well leave it to the professionals.

It was an excellent ride, can't wait to go out with them again!

(looks like there's some sort of glitch on RideWithGpS which makes distances show up in metric. Eh.)

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Hey, I think I've done this ride... or one very close to it.