Monday, August 20, 2007

Holstein 100

I rode this with Ellen, her roomie Amie, and Amie's friend John. It was the first century for all three of them. They were such fun company! This was a challenging ride, made more so by the wicked afternoon head & side winds we encountered for the last 25 miles or so.

Kim and Leslie rode the metric with Lee, and they all finished early in the afternoon. Kim & Leslie hung out with Lee and waited for us to finish - and they had a LONG wait. That was so incredibly sweet of them to wait for us!

My computer showed about 6500 ft of climbing (the last climb into a wicked headwind, I might add!) Ellen's Edge showed about 8000-something feet so we figured it was on the order of 7000 :^)

We slowed down & stopped a lot, and the winds really took their toll in the last couple of hours.

I'm going to have to step up the training a lot for Solvang, yikes.

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