Friday, August 24, 2007

Re-evaluating my goals

It's two months before the Solvang Fall Double, and I've come to the conclusion I won't be ready for a double century by then. At least my head won't be ready for it. Yes, I likey could "survive" it, and maybe even finish within the cutoff, but I'm not one of those people that handle pain and discomfort well. I want to enjoy the ride, not suffer through it!

Basically, I need a few more hilly centuries & double metrics under my belt to build up my confidence before I tackle a DC. That's the way I operate.

I'll still be doing my own long & hilly rides, and I'll be joining the ACTC's LDTR/UTD/whatever-they-call-them rides. I'll be plenty ready for the Solvang Spring double come the end of March.

And, starting next month, I'll be doing the local 200K+ permaments and working towards a RUSA R-12 award.


rng said...

Awww .... Jo .... I'm planning to do Solvang. Now I have to re-evaluate if I want to do this. ME in SoCal was desperately looking for someone to do this with, and with you prodding me to do this, it would probably push me over. But now, with you pulling out, I'm back on the ledge again. Dang!

jobob said...

Hey Ron - think of pancakes on Sunday morning. :^)