Friday, August 17, 2007

Lollygagging up Palomares

I took the morning off yesterday to ride up Palomares. It was really nice out and I was feeling kind of lazy so I decided to enjoy the scenery and not push myself very hard. I still timed myself from the no shooting sign to the top as I normally do, to get a feel for what my relaxed pace is nowadays. I climbed at a pace where I wasn't breathing hard (I don't have a HRM) and I wasn't winded at all when I reached the top. Come to find out it took me 35 minutes. That was my personal best only a couple of months ago! So I'm really pleased that my "lollygagging" pace is one that was pretty challenging for me such a short time ago.

My current best is around 31 minutes. I hope to break 30 soon.

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